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- Program pdf                              

- Fat Loss Guide 

- Tracking Sheet                         

- Walkthrough Program Support Videos


And tons of extra resources to gaurentee you progress. 

This is not just a program, it's designed to allow you to coach yourself.  All the extra tools and resources will garentee you get strong and muscular from this program.  On this exact program I squatted 200kg for the first time and was my most muscular. 

The POWER-BUILDING 4 Day Program

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  • Details of the Program:

    This program is designed to enable you to get the most amount of volume within 4 days so that you have little fatigue present to interrupt your strength goals. The week is arranged so that particularly your squat, bench, and deadlift are getting stronger every week. To get the most out of this advanced program, you will have to ensure you're getting good quality recovery. 

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